CFA Institute Research Challenge
The best competition
for young analysts

CFA Institute Research Challenge has become one of the most important initiatives organized for career-oriented students. It is also the best competition for young analysts who want to develop their skills in research, analysing and valuation of publicly traded comapnies, as well as to improve their competences in presentation of their results, which are crucial for professional analyst.

Last year 33 teams represented by 24 best universities in Poland, Latvia and Lithuania competed for the ticket to the regional level of Research Challenge in Zurich. This year you may become a member the best group who will join other compeitors in Jordan! The winners are bound to experience an unforgettable academic journey and receive attractive prizes. The CFA Institute Research Challenge is a ticket to your career that stands out in the labour market and a point worth marking in your resume. 

We cooperate with local universities, which select teams from 3 to 5 people (maximum two teams from any university). Each team must have a Faculty Advisor from the university. Under the mentor's supervision, the team conducts research on the subject company for the purposes of the CFA Institute Research Challenge. Teams may use only publicly available information in conducting their research with the use of a dedicated tool. This year our supporting system will be Refinitiv's Eikon.

The report is evaluated by a group of financial professionalists and then presented to experts, who finally select the team to represent the country at the regional level. The winning team from EMEA will make it to the world finals.

This year's subject company PZU was revealed during the Kick-Off Meeting on 28 November 2019. 

Why is it worth? By participating in this year's CFA Institute Research Challenge...

You have the chance to visit Jordan and the east coast of the United States. The regional final will take place in Jordan, and the global final will take place in New York, called the capital of the financial world!
You have the opportunity to apply for a CFA scholarship that significantly reduce your costs under the CFA Program. Reach with us for the CFA title.
You may meet the best professionals in the industry. Improve your self-presentation skills, which will certainly be useful at many business events in the nearest future.
You are able to distinguish on labour market. Your CV will obtain an important and worth point.
You will have the opportunity to learn how teamwork looks like. Preparing a report is not an easy task as one may think, which requires the ability to share responsibilities, punctuality, knowledge and ask right questions. Surprise us during the finals in Warsaw!
You will find out if an analyst profession suits you. The financial world is currently looking for analysts who are not afraid of challenges.
You will get chance to take part in our workshop. More information below.

Invest in your future with CFA Society Poland. Take a part in the workshop, which will take place 25 October 2019. Learn more research, analysing and valuation of publicly traded comapnies. Subscribe on the first edition of CFA Talent Workshops!
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This year's Target Company is PZU SA. Good luck, everyone!


Official rules of the competition (current edition) available on CFA Institute website: OFFICIAL RULES ⟩⟩

28 November — Kick-Off Meeting, Warsaw, Poland

4 February 2020, 4 p.m. Warsaw time — Deadline for sending the reports

25 February 2020, 2 p.m. — local final, Warsaw Stock Exchange (presentation of reports by selected teams)

1 - 2 April 2020 — EMEA Regional Final, Dead Sea Area, Jordan

22 April 2020 — Global Final, New York, USA


Benefits of Participating

  • Valuable real-world experience
  • Networking opportunities
  • Direct interaction with financial professionals
  • Build your CV/resume
  • Opportunity to travel (this year you may visit Jordan)
  • Prize for team winning local level
  • Internship opportunities

Find out more about the current and last editions of our competition.
The winner of 2016/17 edition was a team from SGH Warsaw School of Economics. The regional-level competition was represended by 21 teams from 16 universities. To find out more watch a short movie with Jan Nalbert, the member of the winning team. The movie is available now on YouTube.com channel.
Do you want to find out more about the current edition? Read our newest aricle about CFA Institute Resarch Challenge with Tomasz Ochrymowicz, CFA, the expert from Deloitte.


The interview was published on CFAbloguje.pl here.

The local final of this edition was held in Warsaw Stock Exchange building in Warsaw, 3rd March, 2017. The conducted research on the subject company was CCC, the leader in footwear sector.


To find out more please visit CFAPoland.org.

The conducted research on the subject company was COMARCH in 2015-16. The winner of this edition was the team from Wrocław University of Economics that represented Poland at the regional global level in Chicago. The local-level competition had 22 teams from 14 universities (Poland, Latvia and Lithuania).


To find out more please visit CFAPoland.org.

How does it feel to win the CFA Institute Research Challenge? Read our newest article about that with two winners from Kozminski University in Warsaw!


The interview is published here: CFA Institute Research Challenge winners interview.


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Contact Person:

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